12 Of The Stupidest Things Customers Have Said To Employees


If you work in a customer-facing role, managers usually drum the mantra “the customer is always right” into you. But, what about those times when the customer is so, so wrong? Normally you just have to grin and bear it, but it can be so hard. The least you can do is go home and vent to people on the internet who might feel your pain. These employees from the retail and foodservice industries have had to put up with some incredibly dense customers, and we really don’t know how they do it! Here are twelve of the stupidest things customers have said to employees. Take a look and feel free to share any stories of your own!



Actually, it’s chicken… shocker, I know!


Surprisingly, yes… yes we do.


How could you even get through life without knowing that?


Some people are just jerks.


Errr… you might need something just a tad more official.


Wow. That’s just rude.


Oh, goodness…. we fear for the future of humanity.


Yes, it definitely tastes green.


I that English enough for you, sucker?


How do you word that response politely?


If you want something done your way, just do it yourself.


The clue’s in the name, pal.

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