14 Creative Tips For Hiding Those ‘Eyesores’ Around Your Home


For many of us, making our homes as appealing as possible is a top priority. We want to live in comfort, and style. Sometimes however, necessary bits and bobs, like power cables, internet routers and thermostat boxes can get in the way of our beautiful decor. The good news? You don't have to put up with these eyesores anymore! Check out these 14 handy tips for hiding the eyesores in your home! 


Pop your pup's basket in a nightstand.


Use a rope-wrapped hanging bar instead of an ugly garment rack.


Install a recycling bin in your kitchen island, nicely out of sight. 


Store pet food bowls in a drawer when not in use.


Mask a mess of wires using a drop cloth.


Cover your TV when not in use.


Get fancy soap dispensers.


Tuck your printer away in a modified drawer.


Upgrade to prettier vents.


Cover your alarm box or thermostat.



Hide laundry bins in extra deep drawers.


Turn cords into wall art.


Decorate your fridge with wallpaper.


Hide your router in a (fancy) box!

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