Austin Tott Shows Off Tiny Tattoos With Fitting Backgrounds


Photographer Austin Tott has come up with an excellent series of photos titled "tiny tattoos." The name is fitting, as these photos do feature tiny tattoos on the wrist (although it looks like the same wrist in each photo, so we're guessing they're not real tattoos, rather they're drawn on in pen). Each wrist tattoo is photographed in front of a fitting background, which doesn't match the tattoo, as such, but gives visual reference to it. For instance, a tattoo of a keyhole is placed in front of a background of keys, and a tattoo of a fox is photographed in front of a rustic log pile. These beautiful photos have a whimsical and even slightly magical feel to them. Just take a look to see what we mean! 

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This is gorgeous work from Austin Tott. We just wish some of these adorable tattoos were real. Oh well, we might just steal the ideas for ourselves! 

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