Child Abuse Victims Open Up About Their Horrible Experiences

Child abuse comes in many forms including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The issue of child abuse is a horrifying epidemic and innocent children around the world are falling victims to the abusive hands of their parents, caregivers, family members and ‘friends’.  Every abuse victim has their own response to their trauma. While some victims suffer long-lasting effects, others are able to recover and overcome the agonizing experiences. Here we have a list of brave child abuse victims opening up about their painful struggles…

Children need someone to save them from harm.

Fantasy is the only way to escape reality.

Children are not for sale.

The memory of child abuse lingers.

Another innocent soul ruined.

A child’s innocence is precious. That’s why it must be protected.

This is beyond repulsive. Why would a parent do that?

Toxic people who didn’t deserve to be parents. 

The lifelong scars of child abuse victims.

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Child abuse is not bound by socioeconomic status.

It’s like running away from a ravenous ghost.

Never forget.

No place is safe.

There are ways to discipline children without hitting them.

Parents are supposed to be a child’s first line of protection.

One of the adverse physical and psychological effects of child abuse.

Most often, parents who abused their children were victims of child abuse themselves. But this has got to stop.

A never-ending nightmare.

There are times when escape is the only way to survive.