See What Happens When This Three-Year-Old Boy Dresses His Mommy For A Week


You would have to be out of your mind to let your toddler dress you every day for a working week however this is is exactly what this mom did. Actress and blogger Summer Bellessa let her 3-year-old Rockwell pick her clothes every day for five days and the results are not that bad at all! Bellessa writes, "A lot of being a mom is telling people what to do. It was therapeutic for both of us to change roles, if even in this small way. He enjoyed having his opinions heard."

Website: Babble


Summer and Rockwell sharing a cuddle.


Day 1's outfit looks pretty cool and well thought out. Well done Rockwell!


Loving the cute polka dot leggings and Mickey Mouse Tee on day 2.


Ok so maybe this outfit wouldn't flatter some people but mommy is rocking it!


Rockwell picked out 3 shirts and no pants on day 4 but mommy got him to switch one of the shirts for pants!



Interesting shoe choice. A new fashion perhaps?


On day number 5 Summer was again wearing odd footwear but we are loving her arrow shirt and skinny jeans combination. All in all little Rockwell did very well. What do you think?

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