You’ll Be Surprised to See What’s Inside This Storage Container

It may look like a typical shipping container from the outside. But inside this large red container lies a marvelous abode.

The one responsible for the renovation of this container is the Tiny Home Movement. As one of the biggest current social movements in the US, the Tiny Home Movement aims to advocate simple living in small houses for financial, environmental, economic, and flexibility purposes.


We’ve seen the wonders of this movement by turning outdoor sheds and old buses into tiny dream-houses. Just look at what they did to this old school bus:

Let’s go back to the storage container we’ve talked about earlier:

Yup, it really looks like a regular shipping container from the outside. But wait till you get inside:

The lovely kitchen is furnished with sufficient counter space and storage space. And the farmhouse decor is top notch.

You can almost feel the air of the countryside with its interior design.

Space efficient appliances and furniture were installed to use every square footage optimally.

Look at how the designers cleverly designed the bathroom, laundry room and toilet to allocate adequate space for each section.

This charming home is located in Texas and it can be yours for $50,000.