Things From The Past That Will Make You Feel Old

The one thing that none of us can escape from is ageing. It’s crazy how sometimes it feels like time is moving slowly but then before you know it yet another year has passed. It’s even worse when one minute you’re in school and the next you’re a working adult! Things can move scarily fast. One thing that really hits home how much times have changed is when you think back to things from the past. Here we have a collection of images discussing things you might remember that are sure to make you feel old! Take a look!
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Things From The Past

Everything seems to be electronic these days. 

We can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but we know it happened. 

Now it’s a big deal if you don’t own a smart phone. 

Everyone has to go through the motions! 

We remember lots of places gave out lollipops. 

As you age, the things that scare you can change. 

When we’re young we want to be old and when we’re old we want to be young. 

This must have been a fair few years ago!

Now, it’s adding each other on games consoles and playing online. 

It was quite a comforting feeling that something so big was choosing to follow you. 

This feels like a lifetime ago! 

The good old days.

And, then you grow up and have so many choices, you don’t know what to do! 

Oh, how wrong we all were! 

Now hashtags are used by millions each and every day!

This was so exciting as a kid.