The ‘Imbue’ Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel Could Change The Way You Drink Tea Forever


Some would say there isn't anything better than a nice cup of tea in the morning. But sometimes filling up a flask to take out for your day with a standard tea bag just isn't the same as having fresh brewed leaves. Finally there is a fantastically simple solution, the 'Imbue'. To use the Imbue you fill the stainless steel strainer with your tea of choice, it magnetically holds itself to the lid, you turn the vessel upside down for your desired time of choice, then you have perfectly brewed tea made just the way you like it. The vessel can also double up as a general drinks bottle. With a stylish design and materials used to enable your drink stays hot whilst your hand remains cool, we can't wait to get our hands on one… or two…! Check it out!
Website: Kickstarter