You Can Hang Posters Using These 3D-Printed Hands


If you're searching for an unusual way to hang prints and posters on your walls, then look no further! Your search is most certainly over, with these pairs of 3D-printed poster-gripping, wall-mountable hands, known as 'The Handvas'. It's certainly more ambitious than using 'Blu-Tack', but we can't help but find The Handvas just a little bit on the creepy side. When you look at them closely, these hands are startlingly realistic. They're most definitely unique and we're sure they'd be a conversation-starter whenever you had guests over. Each pair is created using a 3D-printer and is available in one of two sizes, for all your art-holding needs! Check it out!
Website: The Handvas


The Handvas



The Handvas


The Handvas

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