Parents Who Are Winning At Having A Great Sense Of Humor

Although it is a parent’s duties to keep you safe, teach you things as you grow and make sure you know you are loved, it doesn’t mean they cant be brutal at times. We think parents with a great sense of humor are the best kind. As we get older, our parents can finally stop being so careful with our innocence and unleash some revenge for the havoc we caused for them as we grew up. Here we have some hilarious examples of this. Take a look and if you are a parent, there’s some great inspiration here on how to troll your offspring!

This kid wanted ‘cold, hard cash’. Wish granted!

funny-parents-trolling-kids cold hard cash

Ryan asked his dad to bring him some things to school. Ryan made a mistake…

funny-parents-trolling-kids dad bring victoria secret bag

A true hero dad never turns down a challenge…

funny-parents-trolling-kids dad challenge

This dad is checking that the new boyfriend is good enough for his darling offspring.

funny-parents-trolling-kids dad playing chess with new boyf

This girl’s dad found out about her tattoo and has been wonderfully trolling her…

funny-parents-trolling-kids dad trolls tattoo

When your dog takes over your room as soon as you leave for college. 

funny-parents-trolling-kids dog took over room

These dogs were geared up to fix a member of their family’s faulty electrics. 

funny-parents-trolling-kids dogs ready to work

She wanted an Ipad…

funny-parents-trolling-kids eye pad

This prank never gets old!

funny-parents-trolling-kids googly eyes

Who do you know that would love this cake?

funny-parents-trolling-kids happy 21st cake

The parents behind this gift must have been surprised at the end results!

funny-parents-trolling-kids hard puzzle

This person’s dad hides $20 bills every time he visits. This one took a week to discover! 

funny-parents-trolling-kids hidden money

Bazinga! We bet this was a disappointment! 

funny-parents-trolling-kids ipad bazinga

This is so impressive!

funny-parents-trolling-kids jackson five card

We’re sure that you’re already extremely amused and impressed with the efforts of the parents you have seen so far. But, it really is about to get even better! These parents really are showing their kids how things are done. We only hope we can troll our children as well as these people have managed to. If you want to see what a ‘virginity protection’ blanket looks like, or, how an overprotective dad ensures their child doesn’t speed when driving, keep on scrolling! 

These parents had a concerned family member when a murderer escaped near their home. When asked if they were okay, they sent this as the response!

funny-parents-trolling-kids murderer near parents

These parents look like they would also rock the museum of sass. 

funny-parents-trolling-kids museum of ass

This dad was on call on Christmas day. This is how he visited his patients!

funny-parents-trolling-kids on call xmas day

An overprotective father summed up in one image!

funny-parents-trolling-kids overprotective father

This dad eagerly waited for his masterpiece to be noticed…

funny-parents-trolling-kids pacman creation


funny-parents-trolling-kids parents copy pose

When the son of this household moved out, he was swiftly replaced with another family member!

funny-parents-trolling-kids replaced by dog

When your parents send you a selfie in the mail. Epic!

funny-parents-trolling-kids selfie in the mail

This dad’s daughter has a fear of him getting sucked into the computer…

funny-parents-trolling-kids sucked into computer

Well played, parents, well played.

funny-parents-trolling-kids thats what she said

This family said that children who did not bath would turn into mushrooms. There is a ‘brother’ in the family photo albums that did not heed the warning! 

funny-parents-trolling-kids turn into a mushroom


funny-parents-trolling-kids vacation with dog

This dad calls this blanket the ‘virginity protector’…

funny-parents-trolling-kids virginity protection blanket

An awesome way to wrap a rug!

funny-parents-trolling-kids wrapped rug funny