This Guy Created His Own Tetris Themed Shelves And The Results Are Awesome


This awesome DIY shelving project will get any vintage computer game fan's juices flowing. These cool Tetris shelves would look amazing in any living room, library or bedroom. The different sized pieces are ideal for storing a range of items, such as books, CDs and DVDs, or they can be used to display photo frames or trinkets. If you want to take on this project yourself, it will require a decent amount of DIY know how. Otherwise you can see how it was done below and hope you find someone who can make it for you! 
See below for how Instructables user HicksCustomFurniture crafted these awesome Tetris shelves, and you can also check out the Instructables page below if you need any more details!

Website: Instructables


 The first step was to get some plywood. 


Then the wood had to be cut down to size.


Each Tetris shape had to be joined and glued together.


Here you can see how the pieces will fit. But, it's not done yet!


The pieces then had to be painted with a coat of primer.


Then each piece was painted in a striking color.



Choosing different colors for every piece means that the finished shelving will be fun and striking.


Another example of how these pieces can fit together. Looking good!


Finally, it's done and you can see it here in all its glory!


This Tetris shelving looks incredible! It's clearly time to up our DIY game! The great part is that you can choose to assemble the shelving in a variety of ways, depending on how you fit together the shapes. You can also easily disassemble the whole lot to move it or if you want it in a different configuration. So awesome!