Funny Warning Signs That Will Make You Chuckle

Warning signs are there for a reason, though some people choose to ignore them. Some people are just rebellious in nature and find fulfillment by breaking the law. Another reason is that people are basically not fond of mundane things. So, if they see dull and typical warning signs, sometimes an opportunity is spotted. With this is mind, here we have a list of funny warning signs that will make you chuckle… 

Leave no survivors.

Do you really want to find out?

In the eyes of a tiger.

This is Idaho and native people deserve full respect.

Unimaginable torture…

Rule breakers, rule breakers everywhere.

The ‘F’ word has alternatives.

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Mind your own business.

Thank you for the advice.

Weird, indeed.

Burned to a crisp.

This ‘No Swimming’ sign shows you what will happen if you don’t follow instructions.

Please don’t make the animals sick.

Keep calm and use your brain.

#OhNoTheBuildingIsOnFire #ImRunningAwayFromTheFireRightNow #PleasePrayForMySoul