This Man’s Tattoos Of Sloths Dressed As Iconic ’80s Movie Characters Are The Best Thing Ever


If you could have a tattoo of absolutely anything, what would it be? A lot of people get stereotypical tattoos such as hearts or butterflies. Even tribal and Japanese sleeves have become pretty popular these days. In fact, it's quite rare for someone to have a really unique tattoo. So, if it's unique you're after, you'd better look to Reddit-user 'SecondSuitor'. He decided to get a series of tattoos of sloths dressed up as iconic characters from movies of the 1980s, such as 'Freddy Krueger' and 'Jareth the Goblin King'. We've seen some epic tattoos in our time, but this guy's really take the cake! It might sound like a ridiculous idea, but these tattoos are genuinely well inked, by Eddie Stacey of 'Ink and Dagger Tattoo'! You need to see them to believe them, so take a look!
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