Find Out Which Personality Type You Are


These days, there are all kinds of psychological tests around to try to define your personality type. The “Type A” or “Type B” personality type classification is one of the oldest, and some people consider it to be outdated and/or too simplistic, but it does still hold some relevance and can help you to understand your behavior and why you might act a certain way. If you don’t know much about these personality types, we’ll elaborate. Type A personalities are the go-getters and over-achievers of the world. They’re not necessarily the started, but they’re organized, ambitious, time-oriented, and generally more stressed out. Type B personalities tend to be laid-back, happy-go-lucky types. They’re generally more creative thinkers, more patient, and less focused on ambition and achievement above all else. If you’re unsure which category you fit into, this info graphic from ‘HubSpot’ will help you figure out if you’re more Type A or Type B. Check it out!

Website: HubSpot


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