10 Amazing Hacks For Storing Small Items


It's not really all that difficult to organize the larger items in your home, but it's those little bits and bobs that often get the better of us. It might start with a few hair bands and necklaces strewn across your dresser drawers, but before you know it, the situation has snowballed and all of your free spaces are cluttered with small things. What you need are some organization hacks to help you store those small, easy to overlook items. These 10 ideas will have your small things neatly stored away and easy to find before you know it.


Use Crystal Light containers as storage for pens and pencils, so you'll never again have to dig through drawers to find something to write with.


Use a pin board to organize necklaces.


A mason jar is a great place to store odd cupcake cases.


Repurpose a toothbrush holder to organize makeup brushes.


An old magazine rack is the perfect size to hold spaghetti boxes.


Use an egg carton to organize all your Keurig cups. 


Ice cube trays make excellent jewelry holders.



A hanging fruit rack can be used as a shower caddy.


Personalized mason jars containing toothbrushes and other oral hygiene items are ideal for encouraging kids to brush their teeth without a fight.


Ever wonder how every one of those 50 hair bands you bought last week have already disappeared? Keep them together using a carabiner clip and your woes will be over!

Do you have any other great hacks or tips for organizing small items? Let us know in the comments section!

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