The Difference Between The ‘Star Wars’ Ships


If you're a true 'Star Wars' fan, you'll know that the stories of the Star Wars universe don't stop at the six movies that everyone knows. There are also two cartoon series and a small handful of illustrated and written material that makes up the 'canon', (canon works are those that are accepted as being officially part of the story in the confines of a fictional universe) but there there is still a whole lot more non-canon material in the extended universe. Since the 'Disney' takeover of 'Lucasfilm', this non-canon material has been referred to as 'Legends'. Now, among the most popular legends are the stories told in the 'Rogue Squadron' comics and games. Seeing as the release of the new Star Wars movie is getting closer, we thought we'd pay homage to the ships of the Rogue Squadron series with this awesome infographic from ''! Check it out!




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