This Couple Ditched A Traditional Wedding In Favor Of Icelandic Adventure


There is a lot to think about when you get married. The venue, the catering, the budget, the list goes on and on. Often there's a high amount of stress involved in something that should ideally be all about love. A couple known only as, Rachelle and Jeremy were thinking about these things as they prepared to wed. Rachelle had a way-out yet entirely plausible idea. Why not get married in Iceland, just the two of them? A few weeks later and the couple found themselves living out of a van in Iceland, with no set plans, knowing only that they would know the place where they would wed when they saw it. One day, they discovered the ruins of an old church that had been the only building to survive a volcanic eruption long ago. They married each other there on the spot, exchanging rings before hugging, kissing and jumping back into their van to continue their adventure. With the money they saved from not having a proper wedding, they were able to fly photographer Troy Moth out to document the end of their trip! Take a look!
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