20 Cute Snakes That Are So Small You Will Want One

Ophidiophobia, or fear of snakes, is one of the most common phobias around. If you’re a sufferer, you might feel better to look at these adorable images of small snakes. Of course people have good reason to be worried by some of these slithering creatures. There are many snakes that give a poisonous or even fatal bite. Yes, the poor old serpent often gets a lot of bad press, however, these 20 images should make your heart melt! Check out the tiny serpent snuggled up in a soda bottle lid or how about that cool snake in the top hat? Just take a look at the following photos to see how gorgeous tiny snakes can be, some of them even enjoy playing the guitar!

Tiny Snakes

Just popping up to say hello!

small snake resting head on lotion bottle

We love this shade of black…

small black snake curled up on a hand

What an adorable top hat!

orange snake wearing a mini top hat

Everyone should feel warm on those harsh winter nights!

tiny snake wearing a pink knitted tube

We think this small snake might be musically gifted…

tiny snake with mouth open no teeth

Generally, there are many kinds of snakes that are smaller than us humans. However, they still leave many people shivering in fear at the sight of them. But, when you show something as super tiny, a lot of that fear tends to just disappear!

Even fingers need hugs too…

tiny snake wrapped around finger

This little one looks curious…

snake head poking out from red flowers

You seem to have something on your head, sir.

green snake with fly on its head

Welcome to the world, little one!

snake hatching from egg

Little Snakes

Squad goals.

group of 5 small snakes in wood chips

Merry Christmas, y’all!

snake wearing Christmas Santa hat

The detail on the body is amazing!

snake next to coin size comparison

Usually we aren’t fans of snakes at all, but there is some serious cuteness radiating from these images. Their little eyes become adorable instead of beady and their usually alarming bodies seem fragile and innocent. It just goes to show, for some people… size really does make a difference!

Say cheese!

tiny snake being held with mouth open tongue sticking out

For the lover of red in your life…

orange snake slithering on hand

So, whats the verdict? Has your opinion of snakes changed? For us personally, we would say definitely! We’ve seen these creatures in a whole new light and by removing some of our irrational fear, we feel that we could more objectively and calmly be around larger sized snakes. We probably won’t be giving them a snuggle any time soon, unless they are tiny sized, that is!

Clothes should come in all shapes and sizes.

small cream color snake with mini sombrero

Look at that little mouth. Adorable!

tiny snake being held with 3 fingers

Wow! That’s a pretty impressive eye you have there!

clear shot of snakes eye and head

You know you’re small when you can fit in a bottle cap.

snake curled up in red bottle lid

Check out those vibrant colors!

blue snake with vibrant yellow and orange scales

Anyone interested in a song?

small snake peeping head out of guitar