10 Cute Space Saving Small Houses You’ll Actually Love


When it comes to houses, most people think that bigger always means better, but these tiny houses prove that you don't need a lot of space to make a beautiful home. While cute to look at in their own right, tiny homes could actually be the future. As the world's population grows, we'll all have to think about housing that takes up less space. Small homes are also a great idea for those with a lower income or who like to live simply, without too many belongings. Take a look at these gorgeous tiny houses and tell us you're not tempted to move in right now! 


This tiny house in Wales is insanely adorable.


This Spanish tree house was inspired by the Fibonacci spiral.


This Madrid home makes amazing use of the space available. Love the tucked away bedroom and the stair-top desk.


This small Italian home has amazing kitchen storage.


Check out this tiny Egg-shaped house boat in Hampshire, England.


How we long to live in a tree house like this one in Northern Germany.



This amazing seaside cottage in Cornwall, England is the stuff dreams are made of.


This tiny home lies in a Connecticut forest.


This tiny Colorado home is so cute!


Wow. This home in the Austrian alps is achingly stunning.

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