14 Sketches Done By A Soldier Offering An Amazing Insight Into WWII – Part 1

Many of you reading this will be extremely grateful that you have not had to risk your life defending your country in a war. And, most of us can only imagine the horrors, tragedies and fears faced by soldiers. You may have been told stories from the older generations in your families but here we have a really interesting visual aid for you. Below you will find the haunting sketches drawn by Victor Lundy showing certain events during WWII. Victor was a 21 year old architect student when he enrolled in the military. Take a look!
Website: LibraryOfCongress

Cracking The Zeigfried Line, Air Raid Over Germany Seen On A Morning Hike

On Deck At Night

Attack On A Fortified Position

Auditorium At Fort Jackson, South Carolina

Barges With Containers Being Loaded/Unloaded In New York Harbor 

Before Pay Day, Shooting Caps For Cigarettes

Bill Shepard From Behind

Bourg De Lestre

Cafe Where 2 French Girls Bought Soldiers 4 Bottles Of Cider

Church In France

Joe Fisch Casually Practicing First Aid

Helmet Liner On The Ground

Lifeboat On Deck

Line From Ship Being Dropped


 More sketches HERE!