These 13 Awesome Things Will Put A Smile On Your Face


Ever had one of those days which is just rotten? You know the ones where things never go as they’re planned and you just want to go to bed and to wake up the next morning refreshed and raring to go? Well for anyone who is having a rotten day, here is a totally awesome post to make you feel amazing again. We totally love the guy and his dog wearing tees with each others faces on them and how about the boy reading to the rescue cat to keep it company? Life is good. Read on to see just how amazing it can be!

This dog being interviewed by the BBC.

bounce dog


These kids blocking their school door with snow.

kids snow block door


These totally essential song annotations.

no scrubs lyrics


This awesome cat chair.

cat chair


This dog is the boss!

dog desk


This boy reading to a cat as part of a program where kids read to shelter cats to keep them company.

boy reading to cat


This bird who landed on a page which is all about itself!

bird reading about itself


There is a frozen strip inside this bar. You set your beer on it and it stays cold!

frost beer bar


This cute little hamster hammock.

hamster hammock


Wow. Just wow and his only follower is Big Bird!

snuffy twitter


This is just so heartwarming!

man dog t shirts


Now that’s how to play Mario Kart!

mario kart house


The most awesome cat toy ever!

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