Amazing Shots Of Hummingbirds Feeding Taken Using A Mirror


Did you know that hummingbirds must consume nearly half their weight in sugar every single day simply to survive? That's why they love flowers with a high sugar content to their nectar. Well, there's your random fact of the day! Hummingbirds, so tiny and delicate, are often courted by people, who install hummingbird feeders in their gardens to try and attract the miniscule, furiously fast flappers. Brian Maffitt, of Chesnut Ridge, New York went a step further by setting up an angled mirror along with a camera to capture these notoriously quick birds as they flocked towards the feeder. He took several hundred photographs over a few hours. He used a cable remote to operate the camera whenever the birds showed up to feed. What you see below are composite images of about 60 photographs. Cool! 

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