You May Speak Now Mug

If you're not quite yourself until you've had that morning brew then this 'you may speak now' mug is perfect for you! It will instruct your fellow family members when it is safe for them to communicate with you depending on how much coffee you have drank!



  1. Jennifer Canonico


  2. Ashleigh Skelly

    Um… how are they supposed to know when the mug isn't transparent?

  3. Zelda Bradley

    Think Adrian Walker needed one of these this morning!! =)

  4. Tina Iverson

    true…. a gauge line is needed (—–smile—–)

  5. Tom Jackson

    Elliott Alcock

  6. Cheryl Holwill

    I want one!

  7. Natalie Batt

    Sharon Hudson 🙂 xx

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