Time Telling Watch With Words

Squinting to see the time? Who has time for that?! With this time telling watch with words it will light up the time for you to read in style! The stainless steel watch features 110 letters for all time combinations. Awesome!

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  1. Martin ‘Sabre’ Clifford

    "More Info" button for this item links to " Pinnochio Pencil Sharpener" on Amazon.

  2. Indi- Sophie Baily

    Okay.. I would have bought this if I wasnt put off by the price tag O.O

  3. Ishwinder Singh

    heavily priced

  4. Shoni Acapricorn Jones


  5. Bob Tatus

    That price is effing ridiculous. Bite me.

  6. BJ Ford

    I'm with everyone else that price is a tad dramatic but the watch is definitely dope

  7. Aaron Wyrick

    I was ready to spend 50 maybe even 75 for this watch 769 is nucking futs

    • Leroy Graham

      I agree !!! Most I'd spend $100

  8. Jay Anderson

    Dicks. How many have you sold? Oh none you say? Surprised?

  9. Jay Anderson

    Dicks. How many have you sold? Oh none you say? Surprised?

  10. Leroy Graham

    Drop the price tag by a few hundred bucks and I'd definitely get this…almost $800 hell no.

  11. Isaiah Nodopename Tussey

    I mean in all honesty id spend up to $200. ive spent more on less before but 800 is just REDONKULOUS.

  12. Dwayne Boone

    Nice Watch…but $795.00…Me don't think soo!

  13. Jodie Hennessy

    Would have got it but way to overpriced! ! OMG!!

  14. Joseph Wright

    Gtfoh…does it have gold and diamonds in it? I can get a watch that watches tv for 100 cheaper. I wouldnt pay for then $60 for this

  15. Cami Lopez

    it's more expensive that an estimate of a "smart" watch costs!

  16. Terry Clem

    I'd be happy to have a free trial for…EVER

  17. Trump Lester

    Ooo! Must buy!
    -sees price tag- NOPE.AVI.
    I'd rather settle for those watches for $12 at Walmart.

  18. Alisha Lynn F


  19. Luke Truehart

    is that price right. that's stupid and those letters r so small u need glasses to c the time. cool idea but id rather just a quality fossil or citizen or invicta for $100.

  20. Kevin D. Strains

    OMG same hahaha

  21. Bảo Long

    ° ° T H I S
    P R I Z E °
    ° ° I S ° ° °
    B U L L S H I T

  22. Gemma Roche

    'Currently unavailable.
    We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.'
    They don't even really sell them?

  23. Tyson Glossop

    $769 why you no sella any.

  24. Shavonne Bogan

    They crazy for this price

  25. Kathy Anderson

    Wold buy that for my s-i-l for Christmas, but price is too high by about $500.00.

  26. Doug Sweeney

    cool but I'd still need reading glasses to 'read' the time Lol!

  27. Renae Elizabeth Cooper

    A time telling watch? my god… I didn't know watch's could tell the time, its amazing!

  28. Zanya Imani Wright

    Its is ok I would not were it because its black

  29. Logan Leone

    I would pay up to $60 but even then that is over priced

  30. Abdul Basit

    A Time Telling Watch? OMG This is the first watch in the world that tells time

  31. Jennifer Yen

    Same here, hahaha. I would've totally bought this, too!!!

  32. William Rivera

    By chance, is there a model made with stainless steel? This one that's made out of unicorn horn and t-rex teeth with the authentic baby mammoth leather is a little out of my price range.

  33. Stephen Waters

    how do you possibly justify that price tag?? you would have to be a moron to pay that for something that basically lights up letters instead of numbers, awesome invention? awesome rip off more like.

  34. Rob Jacob

    Must for people with money to burn.

  35. Elaine Paget

    Got to be a joke. Am I on candid camera? $769.99? Make it $75.00-100.00 and you can mark it SOLD.

  36. Marietta Hataway

    Wait a sec… are we so dumbed down we can't tell time?

  37. Marietta Hataway

    Wait a sec… are we so dumbed down we can't tell time?

  38. Elaine Paget

    Marietta Hataway no, not in this case. It's just fun!

  39. Ryan Ritch Inocentes

    very expensive…

  40. Donovan Moore

    yea I bought one. it definitely feels premium. lots of attention too. more colors please

  41. Donovan Moore

    if it was reasonably priced, you couldn't go anywhere where you didn't run into someone who had the same watch. that's annoying. thankful for that price

  42. Sieg Delacroix

    I love this but not the price tag

  43. Suz Mesh

    The price is way to expensive or I would have bought it

  44. Kellie MichelleRandomness Lean

    A valid point sir. All us poor folks will just have to stay boring then 😛

  45. Maree Shanahan

    I was going to buy one for my hubby But come on now Do I have Idiot Tattooed on my head, 90 bucks at a push But Not this Price, oh have you found any Idiots to but one yet!!!!!! Mmmmmmm bet ya NOT

  46. Nozhan Amiri

    Yeah same here :O

  47. Amy Thorne

    Let me just get out my spare six hundred quid then……

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