Tiki Tissue Box

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

For the person who has everything, they probably don t have the Tiki tissue box holder! A fun gift and definite conversation starter!



  1. Tracey Blok-Earl


  2. Ayesha Khalid

    Wat an idea, Sir ji!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lois J. Doss

    , I thought you would like this Big daddy Doug Waterfield.

  4. Anne Dickinson

    I received this as a gift from a friend with a strange sense of humor and LOVE it.

  5. Rose Shelor Bowen

    It's a DEFINITE conversation starter….but ugh….

  6. Chrissy O’Brien

    we have this…… haha

  7. Maryann Weber-Lepper

    Love it! Fun.

  8. Robin Kane


  9. Shannon Maddocks

    i have this i love it !!,found it at the goodwill for 2 bucks lol

  10. App Pop Shmere


  11. Leslie Ehh

    Just got one! My friend had it and didn't want it.

  12. Joey Kurz

    Dumb dumb give me gum gum

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