The Go Plate

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Now you can eat as well as drink on the move all while holding it with one hand! Standard plate works well with bottles, can and cups. When having a drink obviously remove the bottle from the plate OR use a straw, Otherwise you'll be covered in food and look like a complete … 😉

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  1. Jeannine Predmore

    Mary Beth Newkirk, this made me think of you. Perfect for poolside!

  2. Veronica Gonzalez Perez

    First thought sloppy drunk!

  3. Martine Andrea Kosberg

    If you drink, the food will fall off :p

  4. Martine Andrea Kosberg

    If you drink, the food will fall off :p

    • Jaymond Wu Yuqi

      Read the description ._.

    • Benedikte Kosberg


    • Martine Andrea Kosberg

      hah. Like people will remember ;p

    • Yareth Kostons

      Is why we have straws

  5. Natasha Jade Ellis

    Andy Ellis

  6. Natasha Jade Ellis

    Andy Ellis

  7. Angela Marie Bailey

    Mike Bailey! Look at this.

  8. Leah Mcmurtrie Looker

    Perfect BBQ mate

  9. Ornat Avishay

    Avi Moses Guedj.

  10. Ornat Avishay

    Avi Moses Guedj.

  11. Sara Carlson

    To cool , this is my kinda To Go Plate.

  12. Kristian Evlfpv Camp

    simply perfect!

  13. Kristian Evlfpv Camp

    simply perfect!

  14. Akeem Dwayne Ralph Noel

    hungry man style.

  15. Beckie Beique Reaster

    These are awesome!!!

  16. Dennis Cozzolino

    Good idea 🙂

  17. Dennis Cozzolino

    You can make a bundt pie with that thing 😉

  18. Luke Truehart

    they should have these at sporting events. Awesome idea but damn $17 for a plastic plate, WTF?

  19. Penny Smith

    Too expensive but brilliant idea!

  20. Jennifer Sam

    Need these for the lake or for cookouts

  21. Angela Thanavady

    seems like it would be quite hard to drink your drink with all that.

  22. Nathan Jr Maalo


  23. Lena Hyche

    Carry a separate plate you lazy fucks -3-

  24. Margot Garino

    Rox necesitamos un d estas…

  25. Margot Garino

    Viste Roxana Valenzuela

  26. Roxana Valenzuela

    Siiiii ke buenosima idea hayy yo kiero unoo

  27. David Gardner

    Amaze balls

  28. Daniel Lucas


  29. Angela Renée Fantroy

    Morgan Wells

  30. Julie Hart

    Omg, kyle evans u shld order more to complete ur set!

  31. Julie Hart

    Did u see this Kyle Evans?

  32. Kyle Evans

    Yes I did. I still have yet to use the set you gave me lol.

  33. Tina’s Photos

    Thats cool

  34. Maurice Bettany

    Awesome but silly price £5 plenty

  35. Julie Byrne

    need these for NY

  36. Ash Kealey

    LOL so what about when u have a swig on your beer? You will tip food over yourself

  37. Sam Kenney


  38. Lucy Richardson

    People clearly dont have commen sense if state "how are you meant to drink from the bottle and not have the food go everywhere" think about ………mmmmm…….thats it remove the plate from the bottle therefore allowing you to drink with making a mess wow.

  39. Tammy Farris


  40. Shelley Hinote

    Debbie… found them..

  41. Abi Honey

    Bet you'd love this jack 🙂

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