Tentacle Wall Decal

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Make sure your home is with today's trend! Wall decals seem to be getting hugely popular recently which is why this tentacle wall decal is a perfect addition to anyone's bathroom! 



  1. Rebecca Skidmore

    OMG would be soo cute in a kid's nautical themed bathroom!!

  2. Veronica Flores

    I will have this!!!!!

  3. Zinco Zida

    that's just the wroooooooooong place for that.

  4. Eve Vada Jackson

    Melanie Owen Jackson.

  5. Reina Delila Yaari

    Neat. Love it!

  6. Tonya Ritchey Rosenberg

    OMG – Melissa Leff, I do believe I've found a truly necessary item for your new home!

  7. Sarah Six Reinholz

    FUCKING BRILLIANT! Whhyyyyy must I live under everyone else's rules and roof? I should just paint this on the wall in the bathroom and then he can't do anything about it! If I've got one tattooed on my chest, maybe he'll just think I've gone completely mad…..

    • Luis Duckett

      yup 😛

  8. Kristen H. Reid

    Shut the hell up and take my money!!!!

  9. Da Wolf

    Well we know Slender has been here….. .__.

  10. Bethzaida Hernandez-Pena

    Love it!!!! Awesome idea!!!

  11. Evett Fazekas

    perfect for my little cuzin

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