T-Shirt Folder

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Fold shirts like a pro with this easy to use t-shirt folder! A simple design with fool-proof instructions so you can have perfect, neatly folded shirts in no time!

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  1. Austin Huntsman

    30 bucks for cardboard with a design to fold a t-shirt what a rip off.

  2. Monica Everett

    learned how to do that in the Navy without the cardboard. and that was a free lesson.

  3. Darran Phez Creber

    I knew I would find thins device, god I love the big bang theory.

  4. Ashley Morgan

    Sorry, I have seen employees in department stores using a much sturdier folder to do the same thing….

  5. Ashleigh M Stapleton

    so you want to buy something for $30 and then spend time laying ou everything then folding it with a piece o cardboard? really? Do it by hand it ain't that hard…….

  6. Rachel Louise Mole

    Charlotte Mole ITS WHAT SHELDON HAS.

  7. Kieran Lowe

    It's Creased though so that goes on my REALLY! list of things NOT to buy.

  8. Anika Elderkin

    my dad does to.

  9. Serena Angel

    load of old shite.

  10. Struan Bradbury


  11. Hope Harper

    I have found you!

  12. Heather Fish


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