These Handcut Paper Animals Are Brought To Life By Jo Chorny


Jo Chorny is an artist from Germany who likes to work with paper. Rather than drawing on paper, as is traditional, Chorny cuts paper by hand with a scalpel to create the most beautiful and intricate animal artworks. She also goes by the name 'peaceofpaper1', which is what her 'Etsy' store is called, where you can buy some of her original pieces. Each one is so detailed that we can't even imagine how long it would take her to complete these gorgeous pieces. All we know is that Chorny is a super talented person, and we adore her work! It's not enough for her to simply craft these pieces, either, she also likes to photograph them in the best possible way. Talking about this, she writes…

My favorite way of photographing my papercuts is to hold them against the sky; I love the dramatic effect this gives, and the variation of colors and textures in the sky as a backdrop. Plus this way you can see my intricate cutting more clearly.

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