SpongeBob Aquarium Set


Set up your home aquarium to look like spongebobs village with this 10 piece aquarium set! Set includes famous characters such as spongebob himself, patrick, mr krabs, plankton, gary, sandy and squidward!

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  1. Jasmine St. John

    Jacki Masson Jacey Masson.

  2. Jasmine St. John

    Jacki Masson Jacey Masson.

  3. Reeba Adil

    how to buy this? I'm interested.

  4. Tammy Grebert

    I like the spongebob aquarium set.

  5. Cali Bange

    I want this!

  6. Stephanie Burke

    Have you not noticed that we have the pineapple and spongebob in our tank? Lol xx

  7. Bec Haines

    Where is Patrick Star's rock? :c

  8. James Dagger Beavis

    been looking for this for my aquarium :3 buiyuing

  9. James Dagger Beavis

    how big is it…

  10. Chrissy Rodriguez

    Want to get this

  11. Danielle Wilson

    This is cool

  12. Sammy Munchkin Huibregtse

    Jahykub Mallmann u so need this.

  13. Sofia Gomez

    We should get this for Speed Limit Karina Orozco.

  14. Dorothy Burchett

    Love it!!

  15. Chastity Erks Hinkle

    Funny, we love SB at this house!!

  16. Kate Illingsworth

    We need one! Brent Illingsworth! Let's go buy fish JUST for the sake of buying this!

  17. Brent Illingsworth

    hahahaha yep !!!

  18. Elaina Wargala

    u can get the pinnaple and sqidwards house at petco.

  19. Verity A Cummings

    jazz you soooooo need one 🙂

  20. Vanessa Mattingly

    I want one!!

  21. Damaria Henderson

    Im laughing so hard this is a real cute factor.

  22. Madison Klingerman

    I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Coral Mztruelyfit Truman

    U can get these at pets at home

  24. Ariel Pedraza

    i have wanted to get a fish tank just for this reason. lol

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