Shark Sleeping Bag

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Re-enact a scene from the famous movie ''Jaws'' with one of these epic shark sleeping bags! This officially licensed sleeping bag gives off the image of you being eaten while sleeping. Made using 65% polyester 35% cotton. ''Jawsome''

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  1. Madison Rose Blahnik

    If it was only cheaper

  2. Sharon Latham

    How much ??????? No one has that kind of money to spend on a sleeping bag….

  3. Cheryl Dann

    More info takes you to amazon….have to say it doesn't look as good as this one, but does look more like you could sleep in it!

  4. Melanie Sharkey

    Umm I kinda need this.

  5. Gloria Weber

    that is really expensive…i want it..but I would never spend this kind of money on a sleeping bag…really….make it like 20 to 50 pounds * I think that's what it is * and we'll talk.

  6. Danielle Beechey

    If this was cheaper wed all have one lol

  7. Lauren Beechey

    Omg I want one of these x

  8. Lauren Beechey

    Ouch price stings a bit x

  9. Simone Meurant

    Half of your body is hanging out and way to expensive

  10. Astrid Draborg

    It's much cheaper in USD!

  11. Tommy Davis

    Hang on this picture looks awesome yet the picture on Amazon looks……. Well complete and utter shite

  12. Elliott J. Sumner

    £240? Fuck that.

  13. Jose Casique

    the price is stupid.

  14. Kevin Chung

    if you guys noticed, if you click on more info, the sleeping bag itself looks nothing like the picture shown here. In fact, it looks a lot uglier. If anyone has any info on where one can find a sleeping bag that reflects this picture, please send a link thanks.

  15. Gary Meredith

    Its actually unfair that I don't have one of these

  16. Doc McCoy

    We're gonna need a bigger tent!

  17. Lovely Nishaa Duhh

    For that much ? I might as well just sleep in a real shark or something

  18. Sharn Pentony

    ??? Who would pay that what a Shame

  19. Corin Paskov

    219.99 now. still stupid.

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