Sex Panther Cologne

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This sex panther cologne is known to make you an irresistible to the ladies. Made with bits of real panther, studies show this formidable and pungent cologne works every time, sixty percent of the time. (actually smells great)



  1. David Pasternacki

    Get yours…

  2. Krystal Kadaver

    Timothy Garza

  3. Dakota Weller

    I'm crying this is great. D Alex Martin.

  4. Jordan Renau

    Jack Meany

  5. Jordan Renau

    Jack Meany

  6. Cory Allen Knowlton

    Hahaha anchor man

  7. Amy Jenkins

    60% of the time, it works every time.

  8. Jennifer Patterson


  9. Kat Johnson

    buhahah love Anchorman 😀

  10. Anthony Timmerman


    • Anthony Timmerman

      Joshua Crawford Adam Huntley Rick Fagan

    • Adam Huntley


  11. Ren Courtney

    Ashlyn FireWolf Chenoa Clary Uriah Tatman

  12. Ren Courtney

    Ashlyn FireWolf Chenoa Clary Uriah Tatman

  13. Joe Hanley

    It's quite pungent!

  14. Shonna Roadruck


  15. Nicole Burany

    "Smells like big-foot's dick!"

    • Andrew Ferguson

      …That doesn't make sense.

    • Ashley Brown

      Does if you've watched the film

    • Same Olshtuff

      " Like a turd covered in burnt hair ! "

    • Same Olshtuff

      Btw .. "Hello ma lady" raising one eyebrow

    • Same Olshtuff

      Would ya like 2 tickets to the gunshow ? hehe

    • Jodie Myles

      watch ANCHOR MAN

    • Gavin Brewis

      Ashley, jodie…. What Andrew said, is actually in the movie too. After he says 60 percent of the time works every time… Twats.

  16. Gavin Brewis

    Sex panther.. I must have It.

    • Stacy Lee Brown

      you hot

  17. Nicholas Bradshaw

    So uh Thomas Friend…. You wanted a bottle… lol

  18. Matthew San Roman

    It stings the nostrils

  19. Andrew Sturdivant

    60% of the time it works everytime

  20. Devin Knight

    I'm going to be completely honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline.

    • Devin Knight

      Emily Votrian

    • Emily Votrian


  21. Jeff Reiner

    smells like the toe webbing of an Ethiopian marathon runner… Smells like Grave dirt that's been boned by a hobo… Smells like… well…If a foot could Fart…you'd be pretty much there.

  22. Jan Rose

    Seriously? Not one comment about it being made from BITS OF REAL PANTHER? This is barbaric and disgusting! Please, y'all, enter the 21st Century where people are learning to be humane!

    • Ginny Olson Drevlow

      Don't forget the essence of Chuck Norris's sweat…. I take it you're not a big Anchorman fan? :/

    • Jan Rose

      I don't mind Chuck Norris's sweat – if it's coming out of Chuck Norris… so, this is from Anchorman? This is what happens when I don't watch movies! (I will now have enough dignity left to at least blush…).

    • Ginny Olson Drevlow

      Hahaha! And here I thought you were just being a smart as…..uh, alec!

    • Jan Rose

      No… Seriously, just dumb as a post! (pun intended)

  23. Misty Ribena Hutton

    I'm going to be completely honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline.

  24. Misty Ribena Hutton

    I'm going to be completely honest with you, that smells like pure gasoline.

  25. Apollo Onedeep

    does it work?

  26. Greg Jarvis-Mccann

    Matt Potter.

  27. Gladys De Vera

    It's quite pungent! Stings the nostrils…

  28. Blake Warren

    Laura Try Remember this as my impromptu password for SGP!

  29. Laura Try

    Brilliant!!!!!! BAGPUSS!

  30. Laura Try

    You just kept shouting it out of the car window!

  31. Marcus Lane

    Sophie Leung Joshua Ward.

  32. Kristen Scott

    Donovan Walker

  33. Elise Brown

    It's worse than when that raccoon got stuck in the copier. XD

  34. Michelle Mosby

    WTF !!!!

  35. Jordan Farlee

    What is that? Smells like a turd covered in burnt hair!

  36. Paul Ashworth

    I think I need some of this……….even if it does smell like a used diaper filled with Indian food!

  37. Anthony Roe

    Works eveytime sixty percent of the time.

  38. Maddy Evans

    Very pungent, stiings the nostriles!

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