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Robot Vacuum Cleaner


If you hate vacuuming your house every day then this is the ultimate gadget for you! This robot vacuum cleaner will efficiently clean the floor, around/under furniture and along walls so you don't have to! Simple push The 'clean' button and watch your new robot do all the hard work for you! Available in a variety of different models. Awesome!


  1. Paul Collins-Photography

    that's nasty 🙂

  2. Hunter Thames

    Dont buy this if you have untrained animals lol. http://www.killsometime.com/videos/10186/iRobot-Poop-Fail

  3. Crystal Moore

    is it awesome?

  4. George Cooper

    The Roomba pictured above is the 770! It's $500. The more info button directs you to the 630 model which is no where near as good or new. Misleading!!!

  5. Stephen Underdahl

    I have one.

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