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Rainbow Macbook Decals


Add some fun and color to your keyboard with these rainbow Macbook decals. Individual easy to apply stickers that are waterproof, greaseproof and scratch resistant.


  1. Ariel Pedraza

    this would be cool.

  2. Jessica Yan

    I also have but my one don't have rainbow so sad loh. LOL!!~~ 😀 But actually is my mother's one she give it to me. LOL!!~~ But I don't like it. It sometimes get virus, so bad. I like Sony that my cousin use but I also like Asus. Haha!!~~ <3 If you want to add me, go Facebook add me. My name is Jessica Yan. Haha!!~~ :* 😀 🙂 [[LIKE IF YOU AGREE WITH ME EVERYBODY]] Miley Cyrus my favorite singer, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez too. :d Bye bye <3 Go add me.

  3. James Vrtis


  4. Hayley Levy

    pretty sure red's not considered a neutral color…

  5. Tabitha Scibek

    I have a mac book but don't have the money 🙁

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