Pink Tool Kit

Ladies…get those little jobs around the house done with your very own pink tool kit! No need to wait for a man to do them, you've got it covered! The kit includes a wide range of different tools and comes complete in a neat and tidy box. 



  1. Alexzandra Manker

    Omg I so need this lol

  2. Maria Johnson

    so want this…!!!

  3. Tamara Lea

    I need one of these!!!!

  4. AJ Queekahrelly

    Cute, not exactly my fav shade of pink but digging any quality tool kit, machinery, etc (that usually are male focused) being marketed to women too. Even better if it comes with a reasonable price tag.

  5. Heather L MacAvoy

    I'm so buying this for my husband

  6. Arige Jebebli


  7. Hev Lilly

    i want one:)

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