Pineapple Corer

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Make yourself some perfectly round pineapple slices with this pineapple corer tool. Simply cut off the top then insert the corer tool and twist. Once finished you could then use the empty pineapple shell as a drink holder combined with one of these fruit juice extractors to serve up tropical juice!



  1. Nasreen نصرين Dudha

    cheaper on ebay.

  2. Judy Johnson

    Handy to have.

  3. 葉爾德


    • 李忠信


    • 葉爾德

      …….. 殘念

  4. Anais Paunovitch


  5. Cynthia Elizabeth Murphey

    I am so going to buy one of these.

  6. Carina Aadahl

    Wow!! Hint, hint…

  7. Michele Berroth

    Have it love it!

  8. Janet Yates

    I sooooo want one of these xx

  9. Max Tee

    Lol hey!

  10. Del McKenzie

    great idea..well done sir !!!!

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