Paper iPad


Always wanted an iPad but put off by the price tag?! Well here's the next best thing: the paper iPad! Pack includes x3 paper pads. The best thing about this iPad is that you never have to charge it!


  1. Tiina Nikkola

    My kinda tablet!

  2. Anna Chenel


  3. Denise Yang

    Is this basically just a stack of paper on each other?

  4. Daniela Jimenez

    Alejandra Restrepo Este es el que me voy a comprar!!

  5. Alejandra Restrepo


  6. Crystal Fawley

    LOL I want it xD

  7. Amber Molland-allman

    I want it!

  8. Dziohanna Marjuoenh Giman

    I super (100%) like it <3 100%

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