Paper iPad

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Always wanted an iPad but put off by the price tag?! Well here's the next best thing: the paper iPad! Pack includes x3 paper pads. The best thing about this iPad is that you never have to charge it!

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  1. Tiina Nikkola

    My kinda tablet!

  2. Anna Chenel


  3. Denise Yang

    Is this basically just a stack of paper on each other?

  4. Daniela Jimenez

    Alejandra Restrepo Este es el que me voy a comprar!!

  5. Alejandra Restrepo


  6. Crystal Fawley

    LOL I want it xD

  7. Amber Molland-allman

    I want it!

  8. Dziohanna Marjuoenh Giman

    I super (100%) like it <3 100%

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