Owl Shaped Egg Mold

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Make funny shaped eggs for your children in the mornings with this own shaped egg mold! They'll have no problem eating it all up when it's made fun. Carefully crack your eggs and separate the whites into the top and bottom sections and the yolk in the middle circles to make the eyes!



  1. Deborah Smith Publisher

    omg the awesome gadgetry of this shop! Where has it been all my life? This would have solved many gift dilemmas for the person who has everything except the owl-shaped egg maker.

  2. Pamela Mason

    For my KSU student. …

  3. Vicky Bell

    new zealand sipping?

  4. Ali Norman

    so gonna order one of these!! <3

  5. Vicky Cole

    They will go well with your heart ones

  6. Jason Piech

    I like this

  7. Sandy Herrick Piech

    You would!

  8. Jenni Newbury

    Kiersten you need this!!!

  9. Jenni Newbury

    Kiersten you need this!!!

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