Oreo Dunking Spoon

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Slam dunk your cookie without getting your fingers wet with this Oreo Dunking Spoon! Available in blue, yellow or purple.

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  1. Sonja Harrold

    For you, jerry

    • Denice Hill


    • Nick Drew

      RIGHT!? Me, too! Jerry just LOVES his Oreos…..-_-;

  2. Abdullah Abualrub

    Amr Abualrub I'm getting this lol.

  3. Andrea Roberts

    Now you can avoid cold fingers. LOL!

  4. Michael Malaguti

    The Malaguti family sure could use these

    • Diane Croteau Malaguti

      LOL….I showed that to Shy a few months ago!! LOL

  5. Niketa Naran

    if you dunking your oreo in the milk then it has to be done upside down (spoon is up and oreo down)…sooo my question is…WHAT IF the oreo falls in? there's no guarantee that your fingers will stay dry.

  6. Jessica Brown Hutchins

    wow, really?

  7. Kim Lee Bourque

    Wow, me and my Nonno could have really used this for our 3:00 coffee and three cookies.

  8. Ellie-Rose Baker

    Rebecca-Amy Jackson Hahahahaha x.

  9. Paola Perez

    Might as well use a fork?

  10. Ebony Brown Williams

    Bri'Ann Williams

  11. Rhea Verma

    Me need

  12. Cindy Kaus Putnam

    I'm definitely putting some of these in stockings this year!

  13. Caitlin Feeney

    My idea was better..

    get corn on the cob pokers and poke it into the cream of the oreo

  14. Brandon Rauls


  15. Ilhap Euv

    So SmArT!

  16. Bradley Mccormick

    Y didnt I invent that what wth

  17. Beverly Estiller Whittle

    Just take a pair of old eyeglasses and break off an ear piece and use that and save yourself $3.

  18. Leif Beastly Magnusson


  19. Allie Widmayer

    Forks work wonders too…. right thru the center and once the bubbles stop its perfect… no need fot this crap! hahah

  20. Doug Anderson

    And $5 shipping. No thanks.

  21. Carrie Robinson Stejskal

    This is cool!

  22. Mona A. Hiyari

    Amy Redfern-Pattison

  23. Mona A. Hiyari

    Amy Redfern-Pattison

  24. Raudhah Ayuni

    or just use a fork

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