Ninja Rubber Ducks

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Finally a manly looking rubber duck! Chuck out that pathetic excuse for a rubber duck you used to have and replace it with these ninja fighting ducks! Pit them against each other in what could be the battle of a life time all while you sit back and relax in the tub! Awesome!

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  1. Michelle Hassinger

    I want these for Walle! Eva would play with them too…Walle just loves rubber duckies though =).

  2. Helen Whitehouse

    I need these in my life!

  3. Helen Whitehouse

    I need these in my life!

  4. Angel Dark

    heres something for you Dakota Hubbard 🙂

  5. Molly Baird

    love the duckiez!

  6. Amber Stiefel

    for my stepdad =).

  7. Eva Marie Crafton


  8. Brenda Pafford

    Faith Davis Charli Dawn

  9. Veronica Flores

    Danielle Clapp

  10. Danielle Clapp

    ILY Vero 🙂

  11. Vera Renczi Pickel

    @Laurie lawless

  12. Dandra Wedge

    Here you go Danielle Wedge

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