Muscle Leggings

Show off your muscles (literally!) with these awesome looking muscle leggings! This 'meaty' design will certainly turn heads wherever you wear them! 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex.



  1. Rachel Caron

    you should take a picture of your actual product. The photo is from Black Milk Clothing that you are using, that is not what you're selling.

  2. Melissa Cuellar

    really!!!!!!!!????? so if i order these ones not going to get the ones in the picture?????

  3. Dean Bibby

    Melissa Cuellar They are the same ones i checked and they are cheaper too 😀

  4. Melissa Cuellar

    Dean Bibby thankssss i really want those ones in the picture!!!!

  5. Jessica Clapp

    Anyone else screaming Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) in their heads? = w =.

  6. Maya Wu


  7. Alex Michaelis

    Time for an Attack on Titan cosplay O.O.

  8. Mandie Morrison

    This is likely what is known as a manufacturer's stock photo. The manufacturer gives them out to sellers to use just like this

  9. Tara Bradley

    Melissa Cuellar They arnt what they look like …Not even the same material they have stolen the picture from blackmilk clothing

  10. Tara Bradley

    Mandie Morrison the picture is from blackmilk clothing they dont give them out to sellers the make and sell them all online no offiical reseller or anything

  11. Nicci Awsum Skott

    Tara Bradley they have not stated they are a offical reseller ….. no one has she was only asking if they looked like it …. not if they were black milk ….
    OH NO best and less sell galexy legging …. oh no they stole the idea from black milk ….. LIKE FUCKING HELL !!!!!

  12. Jenny Brown

    Hannah Chan

  13. Sarah Ball

    ah there kinda creepy

  14. Leah McEwan

    would love these leggings, thanks josh james for reminding me with your post

  15. Surabhi Pawar

    Melissa Cuellar Whyyyyyyyy would anyone buy these? whyyyyyyyyy!

  16. App Pop Shmere

    Eeeewwww ok im done browsing

  17. Damian Borja

    these look cool on a girl what are you talking about

  18. App Pop Shmere

    Well @Damian Borja not this girl, and not even for fun. I dont get it so i will stay away from it.

  19. Savannha Aretino

    Omg want this for when I take my class on the human body

  20. Nia Glasco

    ewww, i'm done looking at your profile picture

  21. Nia Glasco

    ewww, i'm done looking at your profile picture

  22. Jus AintRite

    I wonder if these come in Long ass or Noassatall…..Hmmmm

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