Message Alarm Clock

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Now you can be super organized and never miss an appointment again! This message alarm clock allows you to write yourself a reminder so that when your alarm goes off you know exactly when and where you need to be! And if you don't need to be somewhere, why not write yourself a little happy message such as “keep smiling” or “hey, good looking”!



  1. Christopher R. Barkenquast

    Christmas list idea

  2. Debbie Ann Kolakowski-Fry

    I don't think that will help you though…YOU need a cold waterfall followed by a drag off the bed/couch to the floor!

  3. Hannah Korn-Wyatt

    omg i need this, im aways thinking of things that i wanna remember while im laying in bed…nowhere near a paper && pen!

  4. Sam Hodkinson

    need this

  5. Sam Hodkinson

    need this

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