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Mathematics Clock


This mathematics clock features 12 equations so that you have to work your brains to figure out what the time is! It's officially licensed and is a great gift idea for any maths lovers.


  1. Ashley Tillman

    omg I need this!

  2. Sarah Bae

    lol someone would be late.

  3. Zach Romero-Spratt

    It's simple, just know a regular clock face before getting this.

  4. Angie Romero


  5. Kristal Rodriguez Herrera

    Rosie Rodriguez for your classroom mom!

  6. Rosie Rodriguez


  7. Teaque Kaiden McLaren

    Karen Loffer McLaren look I found a clock for your office at the university!

  8. Karen Loffer McLaren

    this is great 🙂

  9. Andrew McLaren

    But if the hand is between the "1/8*96/2 = 6" and the "sqrt(64) = 8" how am I supposed to know if it's "7" or "-6"? Silly people don't know quadratic equations have two answers.

  10. Paul Pritt

    I want one

  11. Dave Potter

    Oh sure. I can just see myself trying to explain to my boss why I was late to work. Sorry I'm late but when I woke up I read the clock wrong and thought it was only 3(pi – .14) before 630/126 when in reality it was 3(pi – .14) before 1/8×96/2, I am sure you can see how that would be a problem. I assure you it won't happen again.

    Ya, like that would go over really well.

  12. Laura Banahan

    Andrew McLaren Because there's no minus 6 on a clock… simple as.

  13. Summer Escalante

    Laura Banahan I don't know how to tell you this, but this fine gentleman was making a math joke. (you're supposed to laugh)
    hahahahahahahahahah! 😀

  14. Judy Ann Cueno Escobar

    Srsly? -_-

  15. Tabetha Lynn Lauderback

    Kyle Posey check this out

  16. Tabetha Lynn Lauderback

    Kyle Posey

  17. Kyle Posey

    Haha I've actually seen these in classrooms! They're pretty neat.

  18. Will Helms

    I might be stupid, but is it me or when 4 o'clock is solved it turns out to be 2,500 o'clock?

  19. Harlee Hoffmann

    uhm…cross multiply…basic I'd say 5th grade (I was 10 years old) math… 50x=200 x=4 50(4)=200 x=time of day

  20. Toney Deas

    very helpful

  21. Mustafa Aslam


  22. Mustafa Aslam


  23. Trisha Elizabeth Miller

    It's you.

  24. Sinha Empire

    Brown guy: Bro what time is it?
    White guy: *Looks at the clock* Let me get a calculator.
    Black guy: It's -8=2-X.. what the fuck?

    it is basic math though but just had to say it.

  25. Akira DeMoss

    3(pi-.14)…………… yeah technically that is not "9" thus rending this clock incorrect.

  26. Akira DeMoss

    cute idea none-the-less would just drive me insane.

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