Light Up Shot Glasses

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Light up the party literally with these awesome light up shot glasses! Once the liquid is drunk the light will automatically turn off. So no more cheating when it comes to who can drink who under the table!

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  1. Amanda Hughes Edwards

    Sweet! My daughter would probably use these as regular "fun" glasses! Lol

  2. TneSh TonIx

    hw to buy it..

    • Nigel Shinnors

      Hey dunno if you might have figured out or not but if you did want to buy it just click on more info and it'll take you to the site where you can buy it. Peace.

  3. Ashley Daemen

    Coowl <3

  4. Aaliyah Judkins

    Oh man imam buy TheRealest Alive and MsHis Onlylady this for they birthday.

  5. Emily Rhodes

    So cool.. I want!

  6. Hannah Macklam-Melmore

    shut up and take my money.

  7. Taylor Wohlers


  8. John ‘Snakeh’ Worsley

    Jess Barnes Jenny Reeves Matt Whitworth April 'Kitty' Polley we NEED these!

  9. Nicky Matthews cool

  10. Kirsty White

    ooh its my birthday soon.. pretty please someone x.

    • Sarah Crane

      Love 'em 🙂 (and its my birthday in September 😉 ) xxxx

    • Kirsty White

      blinking nora post gone worldy again lol x

    • Kirsty White

      could buy them for each other lol or share them x

    • Sarah Crane

      Im in 😉 They're wicked lol xxxx

  11. Kirsty White

    ooh its my birthday soon.. pretty please someone x.

  12. Rowan Chiavario

    Jesse Nyberg

  13. Dawn N. Castillo

    I want!!

  14. Vin Cent


  15. Justin Buckham

    How any for $2.99??

  16. Justin Buckham

    How many I mean

  17. Urquiza Denise


  18. KrystalandLazaro Torres


  19. Jay Wylie

    they are pretty awesome

  20. Rob Lemon

    The batteries are not replaceable? What kind of crap is that?

  21. Sally-Anne Johnson


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