Lego Brick USB Drive

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This cool lego brick can store up to 4gb of storage, meaning you can take your files where ever you go! Awesome!

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  1. Lissa Marie Howe Oliver

    For Frank Jensen, I thought you would love this. 4gb Lego flash drives!

  2. Kathy Weber


  3. Twizzles Dani Heritage

    Sam Harding

  4. Stacie Smiley Kyle

    Thought of you Eric Kyle!

  5. Hakima Mobley

    My son would like this cause it's Lego's!

    • Ukneek Self

      yeah thats hot..

    • Ukneek Self

      yeah thats hot..

  6. Mark Lucas Ferridge

    Does it work with the actual Lego pieces?

  7. Jai Skilton

    OMG!! I want one!

  8. Jes Woodman

    Joshua Poketrainer Mcmullin…. you need 10 in every color.

  9. Carwyn Van de Vyver

    you could hide really important data in a lego fort as part of the walls or something 😛

  10. Joe Scalise

    Just don't step on it! :L

  11. Laura Turner


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