LED Wallet Card Light

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Now you can carry a light around with you everywhere you go with this nifty little LED wallet card light. It’s the same size as a credit card so fits right in your wallet, pocket or handbag ready for emergencies. Just fold the “light bulb” up and it turns on then fold back down flat to turn off. Available in a variety of colors. 

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  1. Freya Oakley


  2. Nick Blair


  3. Tina Tobener


  4. Cindy Jones

    They have such neat stuff on this site!

  5. Gary Reiling

    Arsehole! Perv!

  6. Fyza Aziz


  7. Carol Francis

    I absolutely love this idea must get some so cheap too. Perfect for emergencies. There must be loads of uses for these.

  8. Jacob Elias Matthews

    how long do they last for and are they rechargable

  9. Erika Tam

    it's battery powered -_-

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