LED Shoelaces

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Stand out from the crowd by replacing your boring, plain shoelaces with these awesome LED shoelaces! Available in a variety of colors and are suitable for most shoes.



  1. Jane Arlene Wilde Ybanez

    That would be awesome at night

  2. Alex Daigle-paquette


  3. Anush Baskaran

    is there any sale in india?

  4. Surbhi Mathur

    I live in india…so if I order,, do I hv to pay in dollars? or in my currency(rupee).

  5. Wendy Frankalene Tillmann

    Now where did I put my shoes. This is my answer to my granddaughter.

  6. Emila Kromplewska

    I need it

  7. Sheila Brown

    why are they advertised at £1.99? when you click more info, it takes you to amazon, and the price is £2.59

  8. Tammy Braswell


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