LED Earrings

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Be the center of attention at any party by wearing a pair of these fancy looking LED earrings! Available in a variety of colors. Awesome!

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  1. Jaime Koczan

    Only 13.50! II'm going to have to get them in every color lol! 😀

    • Marsha Wesolowski

      Jaime I want a pair please!

    • Marsha Wesolowski

      Jaime I want a pair please!

  2. Jessica Fay Smith

    Want one so bad x

  3. Nooran Khaled Eldaly

    I need one.

  4. Leah Mcmurtrie Looker

    Omg who wants to get me a pair

  5. Sharma Akshay


  6. Marchell Den-Bakker

    Oh wow! Want a pair- I work night duty!!

  7. Thea Czarina B. Razonable

    I super want this!!! So i wont get lost

  8. Sheila Owens

    Too cute

  9. Mika Morris

    With my luck, one or both of them would short out, blowing my eardrums. lol no thanks.

  10. Debbie Oliver Artist

    These are very cool Poppy Oliver.

  11. Merna Magdy

    pretty cool Mai Alaa :P.

  12. Jes Woodman


  13. Melissa Dengah

    Awesome! I love anything tht can glow Or have lights

  14. Lance Baker

    Getting some for the girls

  15. Vickie Robertson

    I think I NEED these!

  16. Paula Gray

    You would want this Ms Bling Bling!!

  17. Wendy Nelson

    Paula Gray I dont know how Ms Bling Bling is… I am guessing Vickie…but I had to laugh…at your comment… My ex husband used to say I was like a pet crow… I was attracted to everything shinny…lol… Seems Vickie is too… lol

  18. Dre DJicyhot Jones

    My company sells these for $10 a pair.

  19. Wendy K Froggatte


  20. Luke Truehart

    pretty cool

  21. Heather Weston

    Terri Mabrey Butler love these tooo.

  22. Lisa Dayberry

    ABC Distributing has them for $5.95… and that's for TWO PAIRS! People kill me these days with the profits they try and make reselling stuff.

  23. Kati Loux

    Gorgeous bright earrings!!!

  24. Kati Loux

    Gorgeous bright earrings!!!

  25. Henry Klaasse

    Those will look nice on you. xxx

  26. Henry Klaasse

    Those will look nice on you. xxx

  27. Kati Loux

    They are really nice and sparkly. xxx

  28. Melissa Hooey

    I have these,i wear them to the bar

  29. Sven Vunda

    You WANT them, BIG difference. FFS.

  30. Marilyn Craggs

    xmas must haves!!!!!

  31. Tina Petal

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  32. Tina Petal

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  34. Sera Blankenship

    Lisa is right! Same thing, but u get 2 pairs for $5.95! ABC Distributing!

  35. Bhavya Tekwani

    Aayushi Meghna 😮 they are pretty.. 🙂 ^_^

  36. Timzz Kh

    Wendy Nelson means u still miss ur ex husband aww !! :p

  37. Timzz Kh

    alrite me

  38. Ginger Bread

    I want?!?!?! somebody send me a pair or three for Christmas

  39. Esra Alrawi


  40. Pati Rambo

    Super Fantastic !

  41. Debra Lommerse

    I would love these!!!

  42. Jodi Mohr

    Your kidding right?

  43. Debra Lommerse

    No! And I bet Maddy would love them too

  44. Maxine Colbert Hollingshed Jefferson


  45. Alyx Torres

    How do you change the batteries on them?

  46. Lilly Philbrick


  47. Stacey Read

    Is there any other colours

  48. Marina Fleege

    this is so cool…

  49. Heather Fish


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