Knitted Baby Shoes

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Keep your babies feet warm with these cute knitted baby shoes. Made with soft cotton yarn, these shoes are available in a variety of different sizes.



  1. Landi White

    Beverly Wolfgram can you make these?

    • Beverly Wolfgram

      I can certainly try.

    • Landi White

      they are just adorable!

  2. Landi White

    Beverly Wolfgram can you make these?

  3. Tina Thomas Huggins

    Awww wish I would have seen these when my granddaughter's were smaller! So cute!

  4. Adlemi Onairos Ed Noel

    cute -:))

  5. Devon Wade

    Lexie Cherie these are adorable!

  6. Patricia Mc Donald

    They wouldn't even cost €2 to make, why are they so expensive here?

  7. Tracey Wynne

    Paula Smallman, and again!

  8. Shelley Holder Norman-Echtle

    To NEW hello kitty fans that just need a baby foot cover up! Does anyone need a baby girl gift? Here it is!

  9. Barb Rutter

    so cut

  10. Barb Rutter


  11. McKenna Chapman

    Chadderton Chapman

  12. Jack Hammock

    Ellie Hammock

  13. Lorraine Muir

    Lovely but to expensive

  14. Lorraine Muir

    Lovely but to expensive

  15. Chloe Lee

    Thats outrageous price..Crochet Creations on Fb can make these for SOME MUCH cheaper!!!!! X

  16. Kylie Marcus

    do you have any idea how much effort they take to make? for an experienced knitter they would take at least half a day non stop.. $18 is not that much for a 1 off hand made product that tooks probally 8-12 hours to make

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