Meet Rylai The World’s Cutest Pet Fox


Even if you don't like foxes, you'd have to agree that this one is absolutely adorable. Rylai is a domesticated white red marbled fox, now aged two months old. Her color is the result of more than a century of domestic breeding. She is not albino. Her color does not occur in the wild. Rylai lives at home with her owner, and two dogs, who as you can see below, she loves like brothers. Her owner describes Rylai as much more stubborn than a cat or dog. "When she wants something, it is much more difficult to deter her," she is quoted as saying on BoredPanda, adding she can't leave her pet alone for more than two hours at a time. The little fox is still learning to walk on a lead. Check out these adorable pics of her growing up!

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